Global Etiquette Courses

The Global Etiquette Courses are a set of video based e-learning courses that help your child learn good manners that are internationally accepted and appreciated.

Who should register?

Children from grade 3 to grade 12.

Participants can register for multiple grades.


What is the course format?

The courses are self paced video courses that can be accessed through smart phones, tablets and computers. The registration gives you a 90 day access to the course that you select. Each course is made up of 6 to 14 video chapters.

Why Global Etiquette Course?

Etiquette is a very important aspect of society life and reflects upbringing and culture. These courses have been carefully crafted to make sure the child enjoys the learning process. Children love watching videos on video platforms so we built the courses in a video format so that they accept it easily and can relate to the learnings.


  1. Children become more respectful and courteous.
  2. Awareness of etiquette in various situations, helps them become more confident.
  3. They develop a pleasant, cultured and respected personality.
  4. The learnings compliment academic education and help the child’s holistic development.

The best part of learning etiquette is that your child can start using the learnings immediately.


Course Details

The courses are developed to ensure low cognitive load so that the focus is on learning new behaviours or fine tuning existing knowledge of the subject. The videos are immediately relatable as they depict scenarios that the child faces on a regular basis. Learning the correct way to handle themselves in these situations adds a high level of confidence and goes a long way in developing their personality.

This registration entitles the participants to:

  1. Course access – 1 year
  2. Sample Olympiad Assessment access
  3. E-Certificate of Completion
  4. Free e-books on etiquette.


Registration Cost

  • Registration for each course + olympiad is just Rs. 399/-

How do I Register?

Easy process.

  1. Select the required course below.
  2. Complete the checkout process.

Thank you for your time.