What is the Global Etiquette Olympiad?

Global Etiquette Olympiad (GEO) is the first international olympiad dedicated to good manners in children.

Who should Register?

Children from grade 3 to grade 12.

Participants can register for multiple grades.


When is the Olympiad Exam?

The assessment can be taken whenever the child is prepared. There is no specific date for the test. It is an online assessment which declares the results immediately and allows you to download an e-certificate.

Why Global Etiquette Olympiad?

Etiquette is a very important aspect of society life and reflects upbringing and culture. In preparing for this olympiad, children learn important life lessons in good etiquette.


  1. Children become more respectful and courteous.
  2. Awareness of etiquette in various situations, helps them become more confident.
  3. They develop a pleasant, cultured and respected personality.
  4. The learnings compliment academic education and help the child’s holistic development.

The best part of learning etiquette is that your child can start using the learnings immediately.


Olympiad Details

Registrations for the Global Etiquette Olympiad are now being accepted. The olympiad assessment will be conducted on the online assessment portal. Credentials for the assessment will be generated during the registration process.

This registration entitles the participants to:

  1. E-book
  2. Sample Assessment
  3. Olympiad Assessment
  4. E-Certificate of Completion

The sample assessment must be completed before attempting the final assessment. The sample assessment introduces the participant to the assessment interface so that they are well versed with it while completing the final assessment.

The final assessment can be accessed after the sample assessment is completed. The participant will be provided one attempt at the final assessment.

Registration Cost

  • Registration for each grade is just Rs. 300/- (Includes ebook for that grade.)
  • Do not purchase ebook if you are registering for the olympiad, it is already included as part of the package.

How do I Register?

Easy process.

  1. Select the grade.
  2. Complete the checkout process.
  3. Download ebook (included in the registration) by clicking here – Downloads
  4. Click on  when your child is ready to take the assessment.

Global Etiquette Prep Course – Special Offer

We are happy to announce the launch of our engaging video based e-learning courses that help your child prepare for the Global Etiquette Olympiad. All through the month of October 2020, we are offering the e-learning course free with each Olympiad registration.

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